I started tying over 20 years ago. It started out with the fascination of exciting pictures of japanese women, tied up in the most amazing postures. But I had to acknowledge, that it was not that easy to copy a picture. The women I used to tie, were very sweet and patient, but it must rarely have been a pleasure for them.
In 2010, my wife and I started as a couple in Copenhagen Shibari Dojo, which was just founded.  It has been an amazing journey for my wife and me, multiple hours of intense presence and social time together with the other members. After three good years as student of  Yukinaga Max and as an instructor in the Dojo, I sought new challenges.
We founded Kinbaku Lounge in 2013, and today it is a big venue and community, close to 100 students and their models. In a month somewhere between 300 and 400 people comes for tying and playing in the Lounge. Read more here KINBAKU LOUNGE
Today I:
  Teach classes in Kinbaku.
– Teach Private Tuition.
– Give private sessions in Kinbaku.
– Make Photo-Shoots.
On the following pages, I will try to give a little information about Shibari og Kinbaku, and perhaps make you curious to try it yourself.
Please write me, if you have any further questions – Any constructive feed-back is appreciated.